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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Performed in Louisville, KY

ACL Reconstruction Louisville KYACL reconstruction surgery is among the many procedures our board-certified surgeons perform at Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky. A leader in orthopedic surgery for more than 40 years, Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic can be your first choice for treatment if you require care for an injured ACL.

The ACL, or the anterior cruciate ligament, plays a major role in the knee joint’s ability to perform back-and-forth movements. ACL strains and tears are among the most common ailments experienced by athletes and active individuals. Some people with ACL injuries are able to manage their symptoms with conservative measures or procedures to repair the ligament, but others may require ACL reconstruction surgery to regain normal function of the knee joint.

Here is a brief overview of what ACL reconstruction surgery involves at Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic in Louisville, KY:

  • The damaged ligament is removed from the knee joint.
  • A tendon – a soft tissue that is similar to a ligament – is used to replace the damaged ligament. This tendon may be harvested from another area of the body or may be taken from a donor.
  • The tendon is carefully secured to the thighbone and shinbone to encourage additional tissue growth and help facilitate natural movement.  
  • Post-surgical physical therapy may be recommended to strengthen and promote healing in the knee joint.
Contact Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic today to discover more about our approach to ACL reconstruction surgery or to learn if you are a candidate for the procedure. Our independently owned practice in Louisville, KY, accepts most major health insurance plans and caters to adolescents, adults, and seniors.

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