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Richard “Alex” Sweet II, MD

Richard “Alex” Sweet II, MD

Fellowship trained in Knee and Hip Reconstruction

Dr. Alex Sweet is the son of Dr. Rick Sweet Sr. Like his father, Dr. Sweet specializes in the area of hip and knee replacement surgery. He was born and raised in Louisville, KY and went on to attend the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He next completed his residency at the University of Hawaii. Following in his father's footsteps, he completed the prestigious Otto E Aufranc Fellowship in Knee and Hip Reconstruction at the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, becoming the first legacy of the fellowship since its creation in 1970.

Dr. Alex Sweet specializes in minimally invasive hip and knee reconstructive surgery, including the anterior hip approach for total hip replacement, computer navigated total hip replacement, and minimally invasive total knee replacement. Partial knee replacement and rapid recovery outpatient surgery are also among his area of specialty. Benefitting from the most up to date training available to orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Sweet is skilled in the newest techniques and technology available today.

An accomplished collegiate athlete, swimming for Washington and Lee University, Dr. Sweet was a 17 time All-American, set 7 school records and won the 50 freestyle his senior year in an NCAA record time. After graduating he competed in the 2008 US Olympic Trials in Swimming. He also swam for the University of Louisville during his first year of Medical School where he set 2 school records and again became an All-American.

4130 Dutchman's Lane
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Phone: (502) 897-1794
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3605 Northgate Court, Suite 207
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  1. Washington and Lee University: Lexington, VA
    08/2004 - 06/2008: BS Biochemistry
  2. University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY
    08/2008 - 05/2012: MD
  3. Hawaii Residency Program: Honolulu, HI.
    07/2012 – 06/2017: Residency Completed in Orthopaedic Surgery
  4. Otto E Aufranc Fellowship, New England Baptist Hospital: Boston, MA
    08/2017 - 07/2018: Will Complete Fellowship in Knee and Hip Reconstruction


  1. University of Louisville Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group
  2. Project Latin America Secretary
  3. Alpha Epsilon Delta
  4. AAOS


  1. High Pass in General Surgery Clerkship
  2. All American in Swimming while enrolled as a first year Medical Student at UofL
  3. 2 swimming school records and 2 Big East Championships


    1. USMLE Step 1 Passed
    2. USMLE Step 2 CK/CS Passed
    3. USMLE Step 3 Passed
    1. ABOS Part 1: Taken 7/13/17, PASSED


  1. New England Baptist Primary Care Associates - moonlighting overnight at New England Baptist Hospital during fellowship 08/2017 through 07/2018
  2. CORE Physicians - Locums work in Exeter NH (Exeter Hospital) 12/2017
  3. Orthopedic Clinical Associates - Locums work in Laconia NH (Lakes Region General Hospital) 2/2018 through 7/2018


  1. Mission Trip with Southeast Christian Church: Dominican Republic. 06/2007

    I volunteered as part of a church group to go down to the Dominican Republic and teach a basketball camp to the impoverished communities. We held a sermon for an hour each morning and then had a camp that lasted all day long. The goal was to give the campers an outlet for their energy, be it religion or basketball. Drug trafficking is a large part of the economy in these communities and our goal was to try to prevent these kids from getting involved in it. Few people in our group were Spanish speakers, so my unique Spanish skills allowed me to get to know the people much better and have an impact on them.

  2. ER Preceptorship: El Progresso, Honduras. 5/2009 - 07/2010

    I was part of program at UofL that sends down four students every year to work in a hospital in El Progresso, Honduras. I spent just over a month there working in the ER, practicing my clinical medicine and Spanish skills. We worked Monday through Friday all day long and then traveled the country during the weekends. I was able to see patients on my own, treat them, and then checkout to one of the physicians before I let the patient go. As students we were given more autonomy than any other clinical experience to date in medical school. We had as much responsibility as an upper level resident. It made the experience both fun and educational.

  3. Secretary of Project Latin America: Louisville, KY. 10/2008 – 05/2012

    This is a non-profit organization that attempts to raise money to send medical supplies and build homes for impoverished families around the area of El Progresso, Honduras. We have multiple fundraisers every year in order to raise thousands of dollars needed to fund our outreach program. Since my involvement in the program in 2008, we have completed the building of one house and have started construction on another. These homes replace the dirt floor shacks that the families had previously. They were without water, electricity, bathrooms, or even any furniture. We personally selected several hard working and needy families to help out. The medical supplies we send down to the local hospital are diverse. We have sent everything from surgical scissors, to laparoscopic equipment, to medications and suture materials. The hospital has little funding and we try to get them whatever they need to keep their doors open. Our charity consists of people who have been down to El Progresso and know the people.

  4. Medical Mission with Shriners Hospital: Marshall Islands 10/2015

    Spent 2 weeks traveling in the Marshall Islands to Ebeye and Majuro as part of a medical mission sponsored by the Shriners hospital. This was a voluntary mission that I had the opportunity to get involved with during my pediatric rotation with the Shriners Hospital in Honolulu. We spent several days on each island during which we saw a full day of clinic. The clinic consisted of patients well known to the Shriners system as well as new consults. Some patients were post op visits, others were awaiting surgery and still others were needing to be evaluated for possible surgery in the future. I ran my own clinic room, saw patients independently, came up with a plan and implemented it. As a resident I had nearly full independence, although there was always an attending present for any difficult decisions or patients. It was a great learning experience.


    1. Norton Leatherman Spine Institute: Louisville, KY
      Researcher Preceptor: Stephen Glassman MD

      I was involved in multiple research projects with Dr. Stephen Glassman at the Norton Spine Institute in Louisville, KY. We were investigating the efficacy and complications of osteobiologics in spinal fusion surgery. I helped to sift through thousands of charts to discern which patients were appropriate for our research. I also helped to collect specific data from the charts, X-rays, and the patients themselves when necessary. During my research we have published two articles in “Spine.”

    2. University Of Louisville Department of Orthopaedic: Louisville, KY
      Researcher Preceptor: Michael Voor MD

      I spent the summer before the start of medical school researching the cross sectional bending strength, axial compression and tensile strength of various allograft bone materials. Our goal was to determine the strongest material for use in Orthopaedic surgeries. I was involved in the preliminary research and designing the molds to make the test samples as well as running the tests.

    1. Hawaii Residency Program: Honolulu, HI
      Research Preceptor: Byron Izuka MD
      Pediatric ACL and Pain Management

      The focus of this study was on the use of nerve block in ACL surgery. We looked at time to discharge, total narcotic usage and subjective pain scale to determine the utility of anesthetic blocks. There did not seem to be any benefit to any of the parameters. Our study also showed a lack of correlation between the numeric pain scale and the amount of narcotic by weight of the patient that was administered. This led to a hospital internal evaluation and the beginnings of a protocol to standardize narcotic administration

    2. Hawaii Residency Program: Honolulu, HI
      Research Preceptor: Patrick Murray MD

      This study classified the various injuries sustained by victims of Shark attacks over the past 10 years from 2006 to 2016. It was a retrospective case series involving multiple hospital systems, several different Hawaiian islands and many providers.


  1. Glassman SD, Howard J, Dimar J 2nd, Sweet A, Wilson G, Carreon L.. Complications With rhBMP-2 in Posterolateral Spine Fusion: A Consecutive Series of One Thousand Thirty-Seven Cases. Spine. 2010 Sep; XX(Xx): 1-5.
  2. Glassman SD, Howard JM, Sweet A, Carreon LY. Complications and concerns with osteobiologics for spine fusion in clinical practice. Spine. 2010 Aug; 35(17): 1621-1628.


  1. Spanish: 10 years of spanish (including 4 in high school and 2 in college). Additionally I have extensively used my spanish in several foreign countries, including Honduras where I lived for over a month and the Dominican Republic


  1. Varsity Basketball Team 04-05. Academic All Conference Team
  2. Varsity Swimming W&L 05-08. Three time Academic All American. Team Captain 07-08. 17 time DIII All American. 7 school records. 50 freestyle national champion and record holder ‘08. Althlete of the year for W&L ‘08.
  3. Competed in the 2008 US Olympic Trials in Swimming
  4. Varsity Swimming UofL 08-09. DI All American. 2 school records. Won 2 events at Big East Conference Championships. Big East All Conference Team.